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"Having employed numerous stonemasons and builders over the years in the course of renovating an old house. I think I am in a good position to say that Geoff stands out as someone who has a true feel for working with stone. He is always my first choice for stone work, as in addition to being a nice guy, hard working and reliable, he consistently produces a result that simply looks great. He comes highly recommended."

"Dr Stephen Franks"


"The work Geoff carried out at White Rock House has proven most satisfactory; both the techniques and the materials he employed being appropriate to the task in hand.

In the course of repointing the front elevation, the need to rebuild certain areas became apparent; this was done following a full explanation and agreement of the extent of work required for a long term solution. In all his work Geoff was happy to accommodate the input from an inquisitive client at the same time being concerned that what he was doing was exactly as required.

Geoff quietly got on with the job and provided excellent quality and value."















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