Completed projects

  Almshouses, Wells:    

This project involved an extensive amount of lime pointing, stone window repairs,chimney repairs, lead-work, roofing and some external lime rendering.

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  Stogursey Castle:    

This project involved stone repair and rebuild plus the consolidation of areas of badly deteriorated stonework. This fantastic property is owned by The Landmark Trust.

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  Priory Lodge:    

This large Victorian property was suffering with decaying pointing which was falling out of the walls in places. The original mortar was dark grey to black in colour due to a high concentration of charcoal. The client was keen not to replicate the dark colour of the mortar which gave the property a heavy, gloomy appearance. We mixed a variety of lime mortar pointing samples which were then applied to each elevation to compare the different colours in context. The front elevation benefited with a fine, light mortar suited to the formal,coarsed stonework which was originally built with very tight joints. The remaining elevations benefited with a coarser mortar, more suited to the larger joints of the rubble stonework. A hint of red sand was used to create a shade of mortar which complemented the random red stones but didn't overpower the areas of stonework where the predominent stone colour was light grey with a few yellow stones mixed in. The result was a property with a lighter, brighter, uplifted appearance plus all the advantages of the weather-tight, breathable lime pointing.

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  Cloford Manor near Nunney:    

Over the coarse of a 5 year period a lot of time was invested in bringing this derelict house back to life. Extensive work was also carried out to the outbuildings. The hard landscaping was sympathetically created to incorporate the Medieval ruins unearthed by Archaeologists.

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  Halswell House Grade 1 listed country house at Goathurst near Bridgewater:    

During the course of 2015 and 2016 we have had the privilege of rebuilding and repairing many aspects of this fantastic property. We have carried out extensive work to the many gable-ends.Four of the gable-ends were so bowed or unstable that they had to be dismantled and rebuilt with lime mortar. A pointing finish was not applied to the mortar during the build because a grinning lime render was to be the final finish.

On 6 other gables we removed all the coping stones and the inappropriate cement render on the back of all the parapet walls. We then stabilised the stonework and rendered the parapet walls with lime render before the lead flashing was installed, and finally the coping stones were replaced onto a lime mortar bed. Alternate coping stones had stainless steel locating dowels drilled into them and into the wall to prevent any risk of movement in the distant future.

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  Pugin Hall, Rampisham, Nr. Dorchester:    

Over the coarse of a 3 month period I renovated all 40 of the stone windows in this property.

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We built this little guest house in the grounds of a thatched Manor house. The stone-work was built in straight coarses to match the house. Lime mortar was used for the construction of the stonework.

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  White Rock House Stoney Stratton:    

This house benefited from having decayed stone replaced at the corner of the front elevation, poor quality corner stones replaced around the window reveals and all the innappropriate cement pointing replaced with lime mortar. Around the rear of the property, I carried out hard and soft landscaping.

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  Honeysuckle Cottage:    

This gable end had clearly been badly patched with cement mortar over the years and was still experiencing severe damp issues.After re-pointing the wall with Lime mortar and replacing the perished stones beneath the chimney, the damp issues were eradicated.

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  Driveway Widening:    

Rebuilding of stone wall and ground work.

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